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JSC Energymech

The compressor equipment, сварочное the equipment, маслоочистительное the equipment, systems of clearing of air, spare parts, the cryogenic equipment, комплнектующие Ministry of Railways, the pneumotool, repair, service

About the Enterprise. Joint-Stock Company " Энергомаш " the independent industrial enterprise producing and realizing compressor technics, spare parts and rendering industrial services connected with it (repair of any complexity, пуско-наладчные works, дефектовка, installation and the chief-installation of the equipment). License Д075200 рег. № ГС-5-66-01-22-6664073590-000364-1 More than 5 years of successful work in sphere of realization of compressor technics for the power, industrial, building and extracting enterprises have assigned to us reputation of the reliable and fair firm, delivering on the market of Russia and the CIS accessible at the price of and to quality of production of factories-manufacturers of Russia and the countries of the adjacent states. Our clients are such enterprises as: Open Society " Дагэнерго ", Open Society " Красноярскэнерго ", Open Society " Печерская a state district power station ", Open Society " Ryazan state district power station ", Open Society " Нижновэнерго " branch NiGrEs it. A.V.Vintera, Open Society Staratelej " Far East resources ", Open Society UPTK " Курскэнерго ", Open Society FSK of Uniform power system "электросетьсервис", Open Society " Саратовэнерго ", ОП joint-stock company Permenergo " Пермьэнергоснабкомплект ", Open Society " Ростовэнерго ", the Saratov HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION branch of Russian Open Society " UES of Russia ", Branch " Generation " of Open Society " Липецкэнерго " (thermal power station-2), Branch of Open Society " ФСК EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " МЭС the East, Open Society " ФСК EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " Томбовское the enterprise, Open Society " ФСК EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " the Volgograd enterprise, Open Society " ФСК EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY " СВПМЭС Вешкаймское, ППТК Open Society " Волгоградэнерго ", Open Society " Corporation-фазатрон-ниир ", МЭС the Center, ФСК the Russian Open Society "United Power Systems" of Russia " Department of repairs and ЧС ", Open Society " сг-TRANCE " and many other things. Strategy of development of our enterprise, based on the system analysis of the saved up experience, adapted for modern conditions of the market and focused on the maximal satisfaction of interests of consumers, allows to go confidently to the planned purpose - to become the leader on realization of compressor technics and at services offered by us in Russia and other CIS countries. The purposes and Problems. Closed joint-stock company " Энергомаш " offer

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Ekaterinburg
Address: 620010, Ekaterinburg, p.o. 413
Phone: +7 (343) 263-81-02, 227-44-85
Fax: +7 (343) 263-91-52
E-mail: info@energomech.ru
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